Joey's Sale

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Joey's Sale

Post by teh603 on Sat Jul 12, 2008 4:42 am

Joey squealed a little as he was yanked by his collar onto the auction block. He was draped in white silk- one of the few slaves at all wearing white silk- and his wrists were bound to his waist by a heavy steel ring which had been riveted shut with a soft copper rivet that was easily removable. Unlike the ones in his collar.

"We've got a special treat for you ladies," the auctioneer said with mocking glee, "An almost completely-trained male silk slave. This boy was taken on earth, where he was mistaken for a girl by the slavers who found him. Since his former mistress was recently taken- she'll be coming up for sale in a future lot across the street- he's a non-reserve item."

Two of the large gorilla-men, both slaves by the collars on their necks, started turning the pedastel Joey was standing on to get a better view of him. The auctioneer was flipping through the sheets of parchment ((paper?)) that contained Joey's vital information. He almost gasped, then said, "His silk is still white, so one of you lucky ladies will get be the first to enjoy his pleasures." Joey tried to jerk away as the Auctioneer slapped his rump and announced the opening bid.

Joey didn't like the looks the women were giving him from under their veils. He could tell that some of them were downright predatory, and there was one he could have sworn wanted to kill him.

Someone raised a numbered paddle in the middle of the crowd. The bidding had begun.
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